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A-intec Co., Ltd. is a professional cable tray manufacturer, founded by CEO Lee Dong-eon with more than 30 years of experience, and has been conducting business activities for customer satisfaction based on technology and trust. Since its establishment in 2000, in the midst of continuous development, we have developed a prefabricated dustproof cable tray with seismic performance, a fire compartment integrated fire protection cable tray with fire prevention function, and a food waste reduction device, and obtained invention patents. Green technology product verification, performance certification, and recognition as an excellent product from the Public Procurement Service, as well as being recognized as a green specialized company, has laid the foundation for growth. In addition, we are devoting ourselves to the goal of providing better quality and service through continuous R&D and competitive superior products. Thank you for your interest and consideration so far, and we will do our best while respecting your valuable opinions, keeping in mind that customers who have supported us are the source of our company's development and growth. Thank you to everyone who has visited our website, and we ask for your unwavering support and guidance so that we can become A-intec Co., Ltd. that provides the best satisfaction and trust with the best products in the future. Thank you.

A-intec Co., Ltd. CEO Lee Dong-Eon Lee Dong-eon