Strain test

  1. 1 Applied area

    This standard applies to the test deformation method to prove the quality characteristics of the cable tray produced by our company.

  2. 2 Test piece

    Select one of 1M, 2.4M, 3.6M, 4.8M or 6M from the sample manufactured according to the design standard and cut it.

  3. 3 Test equipment

    The load tester must be managed in accordance with the inspection facility management regulations, and periodic inspection and calibration details must be recorded and maintained.

  4. 4 Test Methods
    Install it on the measuring table as shown in Figure 1 and apply a load in the vertical direction from the center of the sample. At this time, the pressing speed is 10 mm/min.
    As shown in Figure 2, place a steel ruler on the upper side of the side rail and measure the vertical deformation length at the center using a vernier caliper or install a dial gauge on the lower part and set the zero point before applying a deformation load, then pressurize to measure the amount of deformation. At this time, the data of each side rail is measured and the average value is obtained.
  5. 5 Criteria
  6. 6 Record and management

    The measurement results are kept in the cable tray deformation test report and stored for 3 years.